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UX Strategy

UX Strategy 2017-02-15T06:35:13+00:00

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”
― Winston Churchill

Whether you’re an early stage startup, or an established company, you definitely need a UX strategy. What is it anyway? UX strategy is a framework that can address the shortcomings of the development process, while functioning alongside it. It’s the bridge between vision and execution. It is a culmination of the following:

  • Business strategies
  • Product strategies
  • User research
  • Market research
  • Brand guidelines
  • Company culture

With this, you get a long-term plan to align every customer touchpoint with your vision for user experience.

So how do we form this UX strategy?

  1. Understand the customer needs: A deep understanding of what the customer’s expectations are , and how your product meets them is vital for any business. User research and user studies are the best way to do this. No amount of talking by sales staff and product managers, or analytics is going to deliver the same insights as a well planned and executed user study.
  2. Vision for the relationship between the users and product: We can no longer just release a product in the market and hope for success. A successful company will pay attention to it’s users and keep improving on how these users interact with the product and the company at every touch point, and have a vision for what it will be like in the future.
  3. Define and measure success metrics: Any project needs clearly defined goals, and the measurement of UX metrics in it’s activities. A shared understanding of the UX processes and it’s benefits is conveyed by tracking these metrics in the company, and leveraging them to make excellent design decisions.

With the right perspective and processes, your organization can implement a strategic approach to design and development to get a competitive lead. Get in touch with me for a free 1 hour consultation to find out how I can help your business with formulating it’s UX strategy.